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Summer Program

During our six-week summer program, students live on the campus of the University of New Hampshire. Their days are packed with challenging courses, creative problem-solving initiatives, group work in communication skills, trips, sports and all kinds of fun.


Students take five classes each summer in the following areas: math, science, success studies, English and electives. At UNH UB, our classes are small and students get plenty of one-on-one attention. Furthermore, there is a wide range of material. There are three English courses; four maths; four sciences; two success studies (study skills and SAT prep) and a wide variety of electives. Courses tend to be hands-on, meaning that students learn through interacting concretely and creatively with the material. Furthermore, UB courses are designed to inspire excitement about academics and to give students a head start on their upcoming academics.

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The summer program gives students a taste of what it's like to live in a residence hall, have a roommate and attend classes in university buildings. UNH UB has its own residence hall where the 75 students and 13 residential staff members live during the summer program, except for the weekends. UB students eat at Holloway Commons, (a UNH dining facility), where the food is excellent, varied, and nutritious. On occasion, we have special theme-based dinners, picnics, and barbecues during the summer.


Student groups compete in a summer-long ECLIPSe challenge (Exercises in Creative Learning and Innovative Problem Solving). by working together to on a variety of challenges. Students learn what it means to be an effective team member and have fun doing it. Groups spend a day tackling a series of creative problems designed by interdisciplinary teams of teachers. They also use a group camera to capture memories of their UB summer and assemble them into a photo essay in the last week of the program.

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Each Thursday afternoon and evening is devoted to a "Special Activity." Each summer's activities are a secret, but in the past, we've attended plays and movies, gone "rock 'n' bowling", attended Red Sox games and swam and played at the beach. During the third week of the program, students travel to Boston to explore colleges and the city. During the fourth week, Upward Bound hosts a panel of former UBers who share their experiences and answer questions about their Upward Bound experience and its impact on their lives.


Upward Bound students start the morning with breakfast at 7am in the program's dining hall, then ease into their day with a half hour of daily UB reading. After UB reading, students are encouraged to participate in a light and fun physical activity. Following "UB Moving", there is a perod of "L2S (Learning to Study)", where students devote time to study and research or they can connect with teachers and residential staff for support and encouragement before they start classes. Lunch is scheduled in the middle of the day, at Holloway Commons, (a UNH dining facility) where students choose from a variety of tasty and nutrituous offerings. Afternoons are scheduled with two more periods of classes and dinner on most days is scheduled for 5pm. ("Special Activities" are scheduled for Thursday afternoons, which may include a picnic dinner or dinner on the road.) Optional activities, Group Work, Workshops or lectures are scheduled for early evenings. Personal time winds down the day and it's "Lights Out" at 10:30pm.

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